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    Course registration

    Note: At this time, course registration is not possible on some mobile devices. 


    How to register:

    Note: The screenshots included in this Registration guide could contain prior term examples of step by step Registration processes. Do not confuse the dates you see in the examples in this guide with the actual current term dates and information.

             A — Adding classes


    How To guides (PDF)

    When to register

    Enrollment dates for the 2019-2020 academic year

    Date Category of student
    March 11 Returning and newly admitted thesis students
    March 12 Returning and newly admitted course-based students *
    March 14 Returning course-based Engineering & Computer Science students
    March 18 Newly admitted course-based Engineering & Computer Science students
    March 25 Independent and visiting students
    September 9 Newly admitted Winter 2020 (2194) students
    * Excluding Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science students

    Are you blocked from registering for courses?

    It is possible that there may be a hold on your account which is preventing you from registering for courses. Read carefully the description of the hold and take the necessary measures to become eligible for registration. If you need further help, please contact your Graduate Program Assistant.


    Do you want to register for GradProSkills workshops?

    The Graduate & Professional Skills (GradProSkills) program offers practical, relevant workshops – many of them free – designed to provide and the academic and professional skill sets needed to succeed in today’s workplace. Follow the registration instructions and explore GradProSkills workshops.

    Registration instructions



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