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    Jobs on campus

    Looking for a job on campus? Many areas of the university need students throughout the year on a full- and part-time basis. It's a great, flexible way to gain valuable work experience and complement your studies. 

    Here are some tips to land a campus job:

    1. Check out the Work-Study Program

    2. Reach out to alumni

    • Alumni Advancement and Alumni Relations needs help from current students throughout the year for fundraising campaigns and events. 
    • To work at the Annual Giving Call Centre, send your CV and cover letter by email to call.centre.alumni@concordia.ca
    • To work at Alumni events, you can apply by sending your CV and cover letter by email to events@concordia.ca.

    3. Join the athletics team

    • Athletics & Recreation hires referees, scorekeepers, timekeepers, ticket sellers and more.
    • Fill out an application form and send your CV to athletics.events@concordia.ca

    4. Help out at Campus Stores

    • Concordia Stores hires students during rush periods on a casual part-time basis at both the Sir George Williams Bookstore and Loyola Bookstore. Learn more here.

    5. Check out the Concordia Student Union (CSU)

    • The CSU offers a range of jobs from administrative to research positions. Find current openings. 
    • They also administer HoJo, a housing and job bank.

    6. Solve front-line IT and AV problems at IITS

    • Working at Instructional and Information Technology services (IITS) gives you real-world A/V, IT and customer support work experience.

    Work at the Service Centre's helping to support multi-media classrooms and provide on-site Audio-Visual support for live events.

    Work at the Service Desk providing front-line IT support.

    • Casual positions (non-contract), if available, are posted on HoJo or CAPS.
    • Full-time position (permanent), if available, are posted on the Human Resources website.

    7. Invigilate an exam

    8. Greet newcomers at the Welcome Centre

    • Show Concordia in its best light: become a Campus Tour Guide! Positions are posted on HoJo.

    9. Apply to a company on campus


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