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    Concordia University


    International programs for Concordia students

    This section provides information to Concordia students on academic international opportunities with partner institutions.

    Concordia Student Exchange Program
    See the world through fresh eyes. Learn about exchanges with more than 40 countries around the world.
    Study abroad
    International internships
    Do work related to your studies in another country.
    International internships
    Field Schools Abroad
    Short-term faculty-led field school programs in countries such as Denmark, China, and Colombia.
    Global alumni

    Funding opportunities

    Help finance your student exchange or internship experience with a variety of funding options managed by Concordia International. Contact the Concordia International office for guidance or questions regarding these funding options.

    Health & wellness abroad

    If you're planning a student exchange in another country, you'll want to think about staying healthy and safe. Both Concordia and government agencies offer services that ensure your time abroad is as smooth, stress-free and safe as possible.

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