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    Concordia University



    Learning support

    Find tutors or study groups. Find help with learning strategies, writing, math and more.
    Stay on track >


    New students

    From orientation to counselling to student mentors, there are many ways to start your first year right.
    Become a great student >


    Maps & transport

    Find campus maps, shuttle bus schedules, parking, building, facilities information and more.
    Find your way around >


    Academic success

    The Student Success Centre is your academic support network for math, science and writing from first-year to graduation. Find tutors, study groups, workshops and more.
    Go to the Student Success Centre >


    Navigator program

    Connect with a Concordia staff or faculty member and find the resources you need to succeed.
    Request a navigator >


    Birks Student Service Centre

    From transcripts and student ID to tuition, you can get answers & complete administrative tasks at our in-person service centre.
    Stop by today >


    Computers & Wi-Fi

    Connect with everything technology-related: your log in, our service desk, email, Wi-Fi, Moodle, FirstClass, printers, labs and equipment.
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    Resources for students with disabilities, accessible building maps and access to information.
    Help us be more accessible >

    Health & wellness

    Wellness & health

    Be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Visit a health clinic, talk to a counsellor, or work out at the gym.
    How to stay well >


    Safety & security

    Contact Campus Security or Environmental Health and Safety. Learn what to do in an emergency, how to enjoy a safe, secure and healthy university life.
    Be safe and secure >


    Food & housing

    The essentials. Find a home with residences or off-campus housing. Discover great places to eat nearby or on campus.
    Learn more >


    Concordia Stores

    Book Stop Bookstore and Boutique, Print Store, Art Supply Store, textbooks, supplies, apparel, gifts and more.
    Visit Concordia Stores >


    Student conduct

    Our student advocates, Ombuds and Rights and Responsibilities offices – as well as our student unions – can help you resolve difficult situations.
    Get expert advice >



    Resources for international and aboriginal students, students with children and a complete list of student groups you can join.
    Find your campus community >



    Borrow books, search for articles, use media and technology and find a study space or get expert research guidance.
    Visit the library >


    Jobs & careers

    Kick-start your professional life: resources, career counselling, job banks and more.
    Start your work here >

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