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    Give your PhD a global perspective

    Did you know you can pursue doctoral research at more than one university? A cotutelle opens doors to international researchers and gives you a joint PhD.


    A cotutelle refers to an agreement on joint supervision between two universities at the doctoral level. It allows the students to get a joint PhD degree delivered and recognized by both institutions.

    Full-time doctoral students can take advantage of an exceptional opportunity to earn a joint PhD degree while developing strong connections with international partners. Through the cotutelle program, PhD candidates work in collaboration with distinguished faculty members from Concordia and an international partner university to produce an original thesis.

    The program requires that students satisfy each institution's minimum requirements and submit their dissertation to both universities prior to graduation. Successful candidates receive a PhD degree from Concordia and the partner institution.

    Benefits of a cotutelle

    For the student

    • Opportunities for international research
    • Collaborations with other researchers
    • A recognized joint degree from Concordia and the partner university 

    For the university

    • Expansion of international relationships for Concordia
    • Raises Concordia’s visibility abroad as a centre of cutting-edge research
    • Provides supervisors and faculty members with opportunities to develop international collaborations

    Candidate FAQs


    Irene Grigoropoulos
    Graduate Admission Advisor
    School of Graduate Studies

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