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    Concordia University


    Strategic Research Plan

    Concordia seeks to foster a vibrant and supportive research environment that values the very diverse nature of all research done by Concordia faculty. It does so through its internal funding programs as well as through strategic level investments. The university's Canada Research Chairs (CRC) and Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Strategic Research Plan seeks to further mobilize excellence in our major areas of research strength by building on established and emerging areas of critical mass where additional investment is required in order to maintain or build capacity. The plan was informed by internal policies and an analysis of Concordia's major research strengths.

    In June 2016, the  federal science minister launched an independent review of federal funding for fundamental science. The Fundamental Science Review assessed the program machinery that is currently in place to support science and scientists in Canada. Findings from the review will help maintain and strengthen our country's international standing in fundamental science and ensure that our scientists have the tools, training and support needed to excel globally.

    Read Concordia's response to the fundamental science review.

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