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    Submit your funding application

    Submit your application though the Concordia Research Administration Database (ConRAD), as well as to the funding agency, or finalize the process with the Partnerships and Innovation team.

    Grant application submission process

    • The Research Grants unit provides an administrative review of the grant application and will send the faculty member comments and suggestions via e-mail.
    • Using the comments and suggestions, the faculty member will prepare the final version of the application and all necessary copies. The final should be submitted to the OOR at least three working days before the agency deadline, to ensure that the last signature and approval from the University can be obtained.
    • The grant application is then submitted, either electronically or by courier, to the agency.

    ConRAD is an automated system for the management of research information that allows for the internal review and endorsement of applications of grants and the submission of compliance protocols. Researchers can submit and review documents through their access to ConRAD in the MyConcordia portal.


    Download the ConRAD checklist.

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