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    Concordia University


    Working at Concordia

    Work in an inspiring and challenging place. Engage with big questions head-on. Search for innovative solutions and make positive contributions to society. Concordia creativity powers Montreal and connects us to the world. Work with us to redefine the 21st century university.

    Montreal's Top Employers 2018

    Why work at Concordia?

    Health, financial & family benefits

    Extended health benefits such as:

    Family-friendly benefits such as:

    Dynamic workplace

    Concordia offers a dynamic environment for pursuing excellence. Take advantage of all that Concordia has to offer. 

    Stimulating atmosphere 

    Community and public engagement are deeply rooted in the Concordia identity. Our faculty, staff and students are staying connected with the community and making a difference. Working at Concordia, there are many ways to stay informed and get involved. 


    Green employer

    Sustainability permeates every level of the Concordia community. We think and work to become responsible citizens.


    Community involvement

    The Concordia community gives generously. 


    Work and live in Montreal

    Montreal is a truly unique city – safe and clean, vibrant and diverse, with new things to discover around every corner.

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