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    Concordia University


    Meet Concordia students

    Tristan Chonavel-Weakley

    Undergraduate student

    Pursuing a BComm in Finance with a minor in Real Estate
    Major in Finance, minor in Real Estate

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    Maya Hey

    Graduate student

    PhD student, Communication Studies
    Studying fermented foods to look at the relationships between humans and microbes.

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    No. 1
     among comprehensive universities in Canada for social sciences and humanities grants

    (Maclean’s University Rankings, 2019)

    No. 1
    university in Canada less than 50 years old

    (Times Higher Education’s Young University Rankings, 2018)

    Among top 10
    Canadian comprehensive universities

    (Maclean’s University Rankings, 2019)

    Our libraries stay open during the fall and winter terms.

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