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    Sustainability hub

    Sustainability Ambassadors Get involved in sustainability volunteering on campus! Click here to learn more about becoming a student Sustainability Ambassador.
    Sustainability permeates every level of the Concordia community. From curriculum to research, or green buildings to student initiatives, discover how we think and work to become responsible citizens.

    A Sustainable Concordian
    Concordia Greenhouse
    Sustainability Fair 2014
    Congress Waste Audit
    CIWESS Research Centre

    Sustainability spotlights

    Sustainability fast facts

    Minor in Sustainability  
    A Minor in Sustainability Studies has been offered since 2011 
    Sustainability Policy
    Concordia's first sustainability policy was published in December 2016 with a focus on Concordia becoming a leading higher education institution in sustainability.    
    3 LEED-certified buildings
    Since 2012, 3 new buildings have received Silver and Gold certifications.

    Nearly $200,000  
    Concordia student contributions towards sustainability projects through the Sustainable Action Fund each year
    City Farm School 
    Developing partnerships and expertise in urban agriculture on the island of Montréal through an experience-based model.

    Do you have a “Sustainability Fast Fact” you would like to share? Contact us!

    Cassandra Lamontagne
    Sustainability Coordinator
    Office of Sustainability

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