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    University of the Streets Café in action


    Our participatory events seek to reinvent the idea of the ‘university’ by creating spaces for lifelong learning, critical thinking and community engagement in local neighbourhoods.


    A public conversation is much like a conversation you’d have with friends or family around a dinner table, except with more people, more points of view, and slightly more structure.

    Get involved

    Thanks to the support of our volunteers, venues and parterning organizations, the program is free and open to participants of all ages, backgrounds and levels of education.


    What language are the events in? Do I need to register? What is the cost, and answers to other important questions.  

    Fall 2019: Our Communities

    This season of University of the Streets Café looks at questions of belonginess in our cities and neighborhoods. Who gets to experience a sense of belonging in relation to the spaces we live in? Who doesn't and why? To what extent is this sense of connection affected by factors ouside of sphere of influence? How can we in turn reclaim our capacity to hold a relationship with our communities? We encourage you to draw your own links between these conversations or to experience them individually.


    We strive to hold all of our public conversations in venues that are accessible to persons with limited mobility. Contact us to find out more about the accessibility details or for any accessibility-related questions and/or needs.

    Past events

    University of the Streets discussion Photo by Johanna Baes

    Since its inception in 2003, University of the Streets Café has hosted over 400 public conversations! As a community-drive program, the topics we explore grow, change and occasionally reappear depending on what’s happening in the world and the interests of our participants. To get an idea of what we’ve talked about during our 12+ year history, explore our list of past events

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