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    Concordia University



    Concordia University puts community engagement at the heart of our mission, vision, and purpose.

    Community Engagement means:

    Building mutually beneficial relationships
    Responding to community priorities
    Valuing and learning from community held knowledge
    Centering marginalized voices

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    Featured Concordia Initiatives

    Explore our initiatives and the myriad ways Concordians strive to make a difference for Montrealers.

    Now accepting applications for the SHIFT Steering Committee

    The SHIFT Centre for Social Transformation supports existing and emerging social transformation initiatives that unite the efforts of Concordians and their partners with the goal of creating a more just, inclusive, and broadly prosperous Montreal.

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    Inclusive Innovation Guide - Enable Montreal

    Concordia-developed resource advises event planners how to improve accessibility.

    Learn more

    Batiment 7 Anchored Presence

    A partnership between the University and this  Pointe-Saint-Charles citizen-led initiative. 

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    Embrace the City

    An interactive map of projects happening in Montreal neighbourhoods.

    explore the map

    A snapshot of community engagement at Concordia

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